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Williams Transport & Tours is a full taxi and tour guide service based in the San Juan area of Puerto Rico. Ricardo Williams, lead tour guide, passionate owner, and proud local, holds an unrivaled understanding of the island. His tours are educational, scenic, and awe inspiring. He guides his clients to Puerto Rico’s hidden gems, from delicious restaurants to unique national parks. Williams ensures that his clients experience Puerto Rico’s finest assets with a clear understanding of his culture and why its so important to him.

Mar 13, 2015
by Arlin F. on Williams Transport
Unbelievable And Unforgetable Tour

I had a 10 day vacation that visited 6 different islands/countries which included 6 different day tours from 6 different people. By far, Ricardo’s tour was the best. It was the most educational, entertaining, informative, caring, and memorable.

The vacation started on Puerto Rico and fortunately the second day of our trip we ran across Ricardo Williams. It started to rain heavily and I was in dire need of a cab so I could get four 70 + year old tourists out of the rain and back to the hotel. Ricardo saw us and quickly opened his van door, put a step stool on the ground and escorted everyone into the van. My initial reaction was wow this cab driver really cares about his clients.

On the way back to the hotel the cab ride quickly turned into a tour in which Ricardo provided us a very informative, educational, entertaining, and downright fun ride back to the hotel. When Ricardo drop us off at the hotel I asked how much for the tour and he said only the amount of the cab ride from Old San Juan to our hotel. I was so impressed with his caring and customer service focused attitude that I immediately asked him if I could hire him for an entire day 8 days from now. He said absolutely. He handed me his business card and said call him when we have our luggage after getting off the ship. He said he will be at the front of the port to pick us up by time we get through customs. Eight days later we followed Ricardo’s instructions and true to his word he was waiting for us when we got off the ship.

For the next 10 hours we had and unbelievable tour of popular sites as well as some hidden gems that are less known. He took us to a restaurant that gave us an authentic Puerto Rican meal and a wonderful view of the beach. By the end of the tour we felt like we were longtime friends vs. tourists spending time with a tour guide.

If you want to have an awesome tour of Puerto Rico with a wonderful man, book a tour with Ricardo. You are in for an unbelievable experience.

Note: Ricardo will not only tell you the names of the 4 islands that make up Puerto Rico but he will quiz you later in the day to see if you were paying attention. If you want to impress Ricardo tell him the island names before he asks you.